Thursday, December 10, 2009

A long time, now logistics

It has been a long time since I've sat down at this terminal and given any accounts of my adventures. Honestly I took a vacation for a good long time.

Since then, many things have changed. Gabi is flying a carrier now, as well as a jump freighter. These were pretty pricey, but I have connections in the financial industries that keep my wallet well padded. I've also had to employ a few cyno pilots for logistics reasons.

The Hull Miners have taken a dramatic turn. Gone are the days where Mori, King, Mukk and I would go out for fun roams in low sec and Syndicate. An old friend of Mori's and the founder of Hull Miners decided to rejoin the ranks of active pod piloting, and running the corp. Mya set his goals on growing a new alliance and gaining some sov over nulsec systems.

To be quite honest, I really wasn't interested in all the BS and politics that come along with it. The forum whiners, the complaining about who failed at this, who failed at that, who is chaining rats and who isn't. I've done it all before, and had intended to leave it behind me. So, I started a long vacation.

It's been a year now since I was active, and maybe 6 months since my last kill. I've thought pretty seriously about looking for another small pirate crew to hang out with, but, I never made the jump. I'm quite invested in Hull Miners, and I have some good friends there, and I'm a director. So it is pretty hard to leave. Mya is a good guy, and he deserves my loyalty.

In any case, I've decided to make a go at it. Get really into this fleet thing. I want to see Gabi fight in that carrier, rather than it being a glorified grocery getter. She also has her eye on a Moros. Expensive these women are, she's already soaked me for over 7 billion in ships. Yeah, 7 billion. She claims they are for my own good, and I should be happy that she runs logistics for me.

So, we've been spending the past few days making runs to Jita and back, then hopping in the Viator and smuggling the mods into low sec so they can be loaded onto the carrier. Well, Gabi has. Concord frowns upon me visiting high sec. Fucking mindless robots, following blindly what their empires, no, what CONCORD tells them what to do.

The cyno pilots I've hired are somewhat inept. One got popped last night making her way to E02 for the first jump point. She claimed a hostile gang was moving ahead of her. She hoped they went another way, but instead they landed on a bubble. She landed on it as well and they popped her. I don't mind the financial loss, a few million for a cyno ship and setup are nothing. It's just the time invested. Now it will be another few days before we have a jump window.

It's been a long time since I've settled in true nullsec. Make me nervous moving those billions of assets into stations that we could loose, or get bubbled into.

Well, this is Marius, signing off, hopefully next time I log something it will be a great fight that we won.