Monday, November 12, 2007

My First Loss

I can’t say there is no shame in making this log entry so soon. I had hoped I’d rack up a pile of kills before I took a loss. It would have been extra nice to have gained some booty from my new trade before I take a large loss like I have. I chalk this loss up to a number of things, inexperience, not totally settled into my new surroundings, and flying a ship I haven’t spent a lot of time flying. Well, enough of the excuses let’s get to the meat of this story.

It was late Eve time, I was in a bright shiny new Drake that had only fired a few missiles. I was itching to shoot something. I wanted blood, the neural connection to my missile launchers was hot and ready to go. Still a bit wary of venturing out on my own I was waiting for one of my new pirate friends to wake up and lead me on to victory. It wasn’t long before someone showed up.

Moridin or Mori for short woke up and was interested in some action. Moridin is a highly experienced pilot. The caliber of pilot that was common in Pure. He can fly nearly any ship from the Minmatar catalog. Tonight he chose the Vagabond. A fast, heavy hitting Heavy Assault Cruiser. With a bit of envy I followed him out of the KFR station to the neighboring system Y-W. The next system over, 5KS , Moridin had scanned out a Raven and a Scorpion. Juicy targets both of them, but we didn’t have the ships to take them out. Moridin decided to head back to station to get a battleship. This is when things started getting hairy, and moving fast. Hopefully I remember the details correctly.

I was foolishly sitting in jump range of the KFR gate in Y-W. The gate activated and a Moa appeared in front of me. I didn’t have a point, but Moridin was on the way and he had one so I engaged the Moa. A brutal salvo of missiles bore down on the Moa, it’s shields were melting fast. I noticed the gate activated again, then again, then again. Now facing me was the Moa, two Astarte’s and a Falcon. This was far more than Moridin and I could take. Things were happening so fast I was only aware of myself and the enemy, I’m not sure where Moridin was at, but I know he was in the heat of battle with me.

The odds we were up against where not in our favor, Moridin and I decided to disengage and with half of my shields left I sent the correct impulses to my missile launchers to shut down. A swarm of drones was enveloping me and my shield was fading fast. The Moa mocked me as it sat there in structure only one volley of missiles from death. With disappointment I watched the Moa fade from view as the gate activated and hurled me across space back to KFR. I quickly warped to the home station and got Moridin on sub-space comms. He was safe in station still in Y-W. My blood was pumping now, the excitement had my adrenaline levels through the roof. We didn’t win, but we didn’t loose anything either. If the night had ended here, it would have been a good one.

We layed low for a while until we though the thread of the attackers was gone. We went back to see if we might get the Raven and Scorpion from before. Moridin was in 5KS scouting them out, I was on the Y-W gate in KFR. Again, foolishly. Although this time I would pay for it.

The gate activated with no intel. My computers were telling me the name of the new arrival but due to fatigue I did not immediately recognize his name as the Moa pilot. By the time his ship showed up on the scanner it was too late. He had me locked down before I could get into warp. I expected his friends in the command ships to show up soon, and yes, the gate activated and a single Astarte appeared on scan and engaged me. I had slightly refit my ship to carry a warp disruptor myself per Moridin’s suggestion, but I could tell the difference in how quickly my shields were coming down with just the Moa and one Astarte shooting at me. This is where I made my mistake. I did not engage the ships. I was hoping to jump across the gate again to loose them like last time, but there were smarter this time Only one Astarte here. I should have held off and tried to encourage the other Astarte to jump to me. Instead I hastily jumped into Y-W. Now, 12k off the gate and the other Astarte engaging and bumping me. I was not going to make it back to the gate. He had me locked down tight. Moridin tried to draw their fire but they stayed focused on me. He expressed his regrets at not being able to do anything to help me. Without more of us these command ships were too much. I resigned my defeat and didn’t even shoot back. My shields were fading fast, I was trapped and there was nothing I could do except be ready to warp away in my pod. As my new Drake crumbled around me I ejected the pod from the ship and warped to a station. At least they would not have my pod.

There are lots of things I could have done better here. First, I could have been expecting our friends to come back. This information alone could have kept me out of trouble. Second, I could have been aligned and ready to warp away. If I had, the Moa could have missed the tackle and my ship would be fine. Thirdly, I should have stayed closer to Moridin. I don’t have the experience to operate by myself. I must encourage Moridin to give me more precise orders so I can benefit from his experience.

While I lost 100M ISK ship, I learned a lot. I had two exciting battles with a force far more powerful than me, and I pretty much kept my cool. So, while I can not call this a success, it is not a total failure.

I’ve contacted my friends at Black’s Reclamation and Fabrication. My wife is coordinating with them to arrange the delivery of two more Drakes for me.

The Begining

This is a tale of a mid-career Eve character who’s player decided it would be fun to go pirate. Here I plan to detail my exploits as a pirate, be it good, or bad. This is my story. I will be telling this story in character. Enjoy…

New Eden, a dark, lonely and dangerous place. Though, as a pod pilot I’ve died numerous time, the technology available to me allows my thoughts, my consciousness, my being to be transferred into a new body upon my death. Without the fear of death adventure is a drug that is very hard to resist.

I went to school to be a scientist. My parents were so proud to see me, young Marius Deterium go off to school to be a scientist. I graduated in the top ten percent of my class. I’m the product of generations of breeding and genetic engineering all to make me the best scientist possible. There is only one small problem. There is little danger and little excitement in the sciences.

I spent a few years trading and researching. I made some money. I worked for a company called The Gravitronic Steely Dan Corp. A strange name, but good fellows I had met in school. They took care of me. Later on they founded Black’s Reclamation and Fabrication. I spent some time working for the Black’s and local megacorps around The Forge and The Citadel. Much like science this life did not excite me. I heard the stories of riches beyond the empire. I set my sites on venturing to the frontier known as 0.0 space.

I got a job working for the Federation of Freedom Fighters. With a name like Federation of Freedom Fighters you'd believe that this is a group of liberty activists. But in fact, they were not fighting for freedom at all. They were enslaved. Enslaved to the menace that is the Band of Brothers. I quickly made an exit from FoFF and found a new crew, closer to home. This new crew was the Pure Alliance; the Viper Intel Squad was the corp. Friends, soldiers, professionals, all good, and proper. They are grand. They have a fleet as big as an empire and the heart to back it all up. I found fortune, I found skills. I found much in the Pure Alliance. I found everything except high adventure. I even found a wife, Gabrielle. My parents would be so offended if they knew of her. Gallente she is. Our most hated of enemies.

After creating a mountain of cash one billion interstellar kredits tall I bowed out of the Pure Alliance. I moved Gabi back to empire space with my friends the Blacks. I took my cash and I looked for a crew of rowdy pirates to join. The group I picked is known as The Hull Miners Union. Mining hulls, this is something I could get into. The Hull Miners are a small tight nit crew that are leading The Red Skull Alliance.

I’m settling in with the group now. I’ve even moved a battle cruiser to our home station in Syndicate. While brining it back I struck my first kill with them. Just a Thorax, a small cruiser, but it is a start.

More excitement is sure to come.