Thursday, February 7, 2008

Station Gank 101

I have another story today. This is the story of a boring night that ended in a brilliantly executed gank of a tier 3 battleship outside of a station. We started the night with a small roaming gang. It was spectacularly devoid of any targets. We wandered 12 or so jumps away and didn’t see much beyond a shuttle or frigate. Along for the ride was Cerz, the lasted ONION recruit, a Gallente interceptor pilot.

Arriving back home without a fight, some guys decided to call it an early night and get some rest. Cerz, King and myself were determined to get a kill so we spent some time around station trying to coax some of the negative status pilots docked up tightly in the station. I ran to the neighboring system for a break, and King left his pod for a few minutes to grab a beverage. We both came back on comms about the same time to a fratic Cerz hollering that he had someone locked down. I quickly undocked and headed back to GRN as fast as my Onyx would take me. En route the hostile target managed to pop and pod out new recruit Cerz. As my warp bubble collapsed visually I had eyes on the hostile Harpy, I think it was. It might have been something else. Frigate class (tech 2 variants included) in any case. I charged the warp field generator and unleashed a salvo of Caldari Navy missles at him. King was in a rook. Neither of us was doing much damage to the guy, so he toyed with us a bit before docking.

You might think the story ends here, but the fun part is just beginning. King docked to get back into his Raven, I stayed outside waiting to see if our target would undock again. Not disappointing me at all he undocked, this time in a Rokh. Yes, the giant rail wielding Caldari battleship. My mouth watered at the right of him and I popped the warp disruption field and set my missiles on him. He returned fire right away. I chuckled over comms as his Rokh couldn’t put a sizable dent in my shields. He began to disengage just as King undocked in his Raven. This is where our rouse begins. King only charges up 2 torp launchers. We’re hoping this will make the Rokh pilot confident and allow him to choose to reengage. Hook, line and sinker he locks and engages King. King holds back on his shield boosters furthering the ruse by tricking the Rokh pilot into thinking he has scored a Raven kill. Fully hooked King turns on the fury and releases the other 4 torpedo launchers upon the Rokh’s shields. The battle has expectedly turned to our side.

The Rokh’s shields faded quickly. Cerz managed to undock in his rookie ship and get a shot or two off onto the massive Rokh exploded. The target docked up in his pod. I waited outside with a friendly bubble as King and Cerz docked. Our target undocked and sped away in his small ship. I managed to get a salvo of missiles to land, but they didn’t do much. I offered him cookies, but he didn’t want to come back and play.

Concorde report here:

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