Monday, December 17, 2007

A Tale of Two F’s

I don’t normally put myself into a position to talk a bunch of shit. I’m not the best rated combat pilot in New Eden. I’m not a dumbass either. The Skulls had the opportunity to hand out two failing grades last night, both to dumbasses.

The first F goes to Tate Lionheart. Tate is a member of Dark Sanctuary’s Assassins. DSA is a member of Blood and Steel. I might have mentioned before that Blood and Steel is an alliance operating near our low sec station in Itrin. Blood and Steel is a mixed group, seems like some veterans and some nubs. I Think Tate must have been one of their nubs.

We were getting ready to form a wolf pack and have some fun in low sec when Melaeric called that he had a drake on the gate. Hoping for an easy kill I quickly engaged by warp drive. I catapulted away from the station just before two or three others. While in warp Mel announced on subspace that the Drake had aggressed him. I warmed up my Warp Disruptor and confirmed that the missile bays were ready to go. My warp bubble collapsed and the battle between Mel and Tate was on. I locked up, got a point and fired a salvo of missiles.

At this point I’d like to say an epic battle was held. That there was some give and take. But this isn’t what happened. But no, Sekundar, Moridin and KingRizen warp in open fire and in less than 10 seconds the drake was popped. He pod popped right after.

Let’s evaluate the situation. Check the fitting on this Drake. Yeah, that’s right this brilliant guy took the best passive tank ship around and worked up an active tank for it. No rigs either. Also, Blood and Steel know us. They know where we live. There were maybe just under 10 of us in local. He aggressed on of our guys in what could possible be the worst Drake setup I’ve seen. The F is well deserved for this guy.

I’d like to say this was the only F I handed out yesterday. Nope, I got an even better one. This guy gets and F-. He is definitely the dumbest guy I’ve ever have the opportunity to pop. I’ll let the Concord report do the initial speaking for me:

That’s right, we destroyed a Caldari Navy Raven. Again I’d like to say that there was a good fight here. But no the story is short and unexciting. We were sitting on a gate waiting for our scouts to report in during a wolf pack operation. We were looking for some Blood and Steel to shoot at. The gate fires, we wait for something to appear. After his gate cloak wore off a shiny Caldari Navy Raven is there for the picking. I had already primed my warp disruptor and missile launchers and adjusted my target over to only display hostile ships. The Raven appeared and I was the first to call point. Ruthlessly a swarm of missiles approached the Raven. Just for good measure I launched my flotilla of ECM drones on him as well.
It didn’t take much to breach his shield. Our scouts were racing back to take part of the kill. This raven just didn’t bring it. It didn’t last long enough for our scouts to get back and get in on the kill. We missed the pod.

Let’s evaluate this fight. First off, this is a pretty weak setup for a faction ship. He only fit faction cruise launchers. Most people when spending close to a billion ISK on a ship will go with premium fittings as well. Not this guy. Secondly, what the fuck was this dumbass doing wandering around in low sec alone in his Navy Raven. No scout, no brains. He deserved this loss. Maybe this will make him a few notches less of a dumbass.

I did a bit of research on this guy. He has been jumping from corporation to corporation his entire career. He seems to drop money around like it’s going out of style. He’s been just about everywhere, seen about everything. You’d expect more from a pod pilot, but I guess it takes all kinds. Hyper Traxx, I give you an F, make that an F-.

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